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Yonabaru Town Tourism Portal Site


与那原観光ポータル「YONABARU NAVI」 ABOUT YONABARU What kind of city is Yonabaru Town?

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Located in the southern part of the main island, it has a distinctive history 'Yonabara Town'.
         Yonabaru Town first appeared in the name of 'Jonaharu' or 'Jonahabama (Yonahabama)' in Okinawa's oldest popular song collection 'Omorosashi', the place name of Yonabaru Town is the former coastal area It is said that it was the name of when it was.
         It is thought that water was abundant, people settled naturally and settled.
         Also, between Naha and Yonagahara, the first light railroad in Okinawa Prefecture opened, it was a vibrant town full of industrial economic aorta.


与那原観光ポータル「YONABARU NAVI」 YONABARU LIBLARY Yonabaru Town Open Data Site

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