New Year’s Marathon Games

It is an annual health promotion event in Yonohara Town.

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Running while taking the first day whole body, will not you start refreshing the New Year?
Family, couple, friends, boyfriend, we are waiting for a lot of participation.

※ Course: 3km 5km
* Reception: We will perform at the venue from 8:30 to 9:15 on the day.


イベント名 New Year’s Marathon Games
イベントサイト -
開催日 2017.01.01
開催時間 Start at 09:30
会場名 Start from Agarihama Park Golf Course
住所 108 Agarihama Yonabaru-cho, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa-ken
駐車場 -
料金 Adult / dwarf 100 yen (insurance premium)
主催 Yonabaru Town Physical Education Association
お問合せ先 098-835-8220