The ninth Yonabaru tekuteku walk 2017

"yonabarutekuteku walk" to be held as walking for the making of health through sports, and to become the ninth at this time.

450 people participated and enjoyed walking at favorite pace with 3 course of 3km .5km .7km last year.

Participants increase year by year, and participation from the town outside is increasing event, too.

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We give sports towel to all the one run the whole distance as prize for participation! We wait for much participation.
When we do not continue playing sports, we are not effective.
It is holding only for 1st, but there are health and wish to want you to take opportunity to face each other through event.
We nominate town and support the making of your health!

 ■Application reception desk period
 Until Friday, January 27
 ※Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are excluded
 ※We accept as soon as we reach 600 capacity and are finished.

 ■Application place
 ・Yonabaru-cho community center
 ・Health insurance section
 ・School Education Section
 ※We do not perform telephone reception desk, acceptance on that day.
Apply by all means within period.




イベント名 The ninth Yonabaru tekuteku walk 2017
イベントサイト -
開催日 2017.02.05
開催時間 Opening ceremony: 09:00 (reception hours: 08:15~09:00)
会場名 Yonakohama park
住所 Agarihama Yonabaru-cho, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa-ken
駐車場 ※Malin plaza goes up, and parking to beach parking lot is prohibition on the day
料金 -
主催 Yonabaru-cho, the Yonabaru-cho Board of Education
お問合せ先 098-945-8881