The Great Yonabaru Tug-of-War

The Great Yonabaru Tug-of-War is a traditional event that is said to have started during the King Sho Ei era of the Ryukyu dynasty as a religious ritual for an abundant harvest.
Participating in the tug-of-war is said to offer benefits of sound health as well as prosperity of descendants, and the event draws visitors from in and out of town. The event is also expected to host concerts and fireworks.

Saturday, August 19th - Sunday, August 20th, 2017
Yonabaru Udunyama Youth Field

For details please see the website below.
(Source : Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau)

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イベント名 The Great Yonabaru Tug-of-War
イベントサイト https://yonabaru.okinawa/about-yonabaru/about-the-yonabaru-ootsunahiki/?lang=en
開催日 2017.08.19 〜 2017.08.20
開催時間 15:00~
会場名 Yonabaru Udunyama Youth Field
住所 712 yonabaru yonabaru shimajiri-gun okinawa japan
駐車場 Available
料金 Free
主催 -
お問合せ先 81+98-945-5323