The Yonabaru Three Eisaa

Come! Let's go and watch Eisaa in Itarashiki, Tousoe, and Youbaru which are called Yonabaru Three Eisaa on the night of Kyu-Bon.

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Eisaa is a folk dance and a traditional form of entertainment shown during the Kyu-Bon festival to honor the spirits of the ancestors.It is performed with songs, music and dancing in the communites.

Yonabaru Town has three Eisaa groups: Itarashiki, Tousoe, and Youbaru.

Itarashiki Eisaa


The Itarashiki Young Adult Association was founded more than 20 years ago. Members of the association live both inside and outside of Yonabaru Town.
Most of the members are in their late 20’s, though interestingly, this association has no age limit or official enrolment or withdrawal.
There are many Young Adult Associations which set age limits and have other restrictions.
The Itarashiki Young Adult Associations only requirement is that you want to be a part of their activities and have fun.


The cosutume of the Itarashiki Eisaa Team is a white colored top and bottom and Uchikake (a long vest for Eisaa) with a green colored edge. The people playing the big drum wrap a red sash around their head. The people playing the small high-pitched Japanese drum (Shimedaiko) wrap a purple sash around their head. They perform a lively Eisaa dance with lots of energy.


The songs used when the Itarashiki Eisaa Team perform are “Chunjun Nagai”, “Kudaka Manjuu Suu”, “Tuutangaanii bushi”, “Teyoo bushi”, “Katami bushi”, “Ichubin guwaa”, Tooshin Dooi”. All of them are representative songs of Eisaa.

The Tousoe Eisaa


The Tousoe Young Adult Association was inaugurated around 1975.
After stopping their activity for a while, they reactivated a few years ago.


The Tousoe Eisaa dance is a dance arrangement from the Adaniya Young Adult Association in Kita Nakagusuku village which instructed the Tousoe Young Adult Association.
There are about 11 songs they use during their performance. Two of their songs, “Yonabaru no Hama” and “Tairyou bushi”, use traditional music, but have new original lyrics.


Each community has their own costume. Tousoe’s are a black undershirt and a gold colored Uchikake (the long vest for Eisaa) which really draws attention to the dancer. The people playing the small high-pitched Japanese drum (Shimedaiko), wrap a purple sash around their head and their waist.

The Youbaru Eisaa


The Youbaru Young Adult Association was organized in 2012. Although their main activity is the Eisaa performance on Michi Junee, they also are involved in cleaning the community and paticipating in local events as well.


Compared with the Itarashiki and Tousoe Young Adult Association, the Youbaru Young Adulrt Association has a fairly short history though, the members get along well and enjoy their activities.


The costume of the Youbaru Eisaa is a black undershirt and gold colored Uchikake (the long vest for Eisaa). The people playing the big drum and the small high-pitched Japanese drum (Shimedaiko) wrap purple sashes around their head and waist. The Youbaru Young Adult Association is the only Eisaa group in Yonabaru Town with a female Jikata (people who play Sanshin and sing songs). Some people come just to listen to her sing.


Eachi Michi Junee is different. The Tousoe and Youbaru Eisaa, dance and walk around the communities at the same time. The Itarashiki Eisaa go to a specific place and perform about 10 minutes, then move to another place to dance and keep repeating this cycle. You will certainly enjoy following any of these three Eisaa teams the night of Kyu-Bon.