Onko Chishin Tour

This tour visits the historical spots of Yonabaru Town and teaches about the culture of Okinawa and Yonabaru.

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Tour Information

Time required 90 minitues
Entry fee ¥1,000 (Junior High School Student age and up)
The meeting place The exhibition and reference room at the Yonabaru Station of The Light Railways

Tour Introduction


Meet at the “The Yonabaru Station of The Light Railways” and visit “Agarina-Ufusu Monument”. Next stop is “St. Clara Catholic Church” which was chosen in the DOCOMOMO Top 100 in 2003, a first for Okinawa. You’ll love the peaceful surroundings of the chapel.


Then, you’ll visit “Okuhara Pottery Gallery”. You can make your own Shiisaa or color Shiisaa previously made. You’ll then stop by the wall painting, “Basha Sunchaa (people pulling a carriage)”, in front of the Yonabaru Police Station and pass by the “imperial guardian lions made with stone” at Niijima and visit the “stone road” at the Oyakawa street.


Then, you’ll go to “Uegaa”, one of the places of prayer during the Agari Umaai. Uegaa was supposedly visited by a heavenly maiden and she used the waters of the spring there when she gave birth.The final stop will be to “The Tsunahiki Museum” and the tour will end in front of the Shisaa at Ebisu Street. This tour a wonderful way to get to know the history and culture of Yonabaru.


・Admission time is 30 min. prior to the tour starting time. Please come to the meeting place at least 10 min. before the tour starts.
・A reservation is required for all “Walk in Yonabaru Town” tours.Reservations must be placed at least a day in advance.
・Changes or cancelation of tours may occur due to weather or other unforseen conditions.
・Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes appropriate for walking.
・Please watch out for cars and act responsibly.
・Please understand that you may be asked to leave without a refund if you disturb others or cause any kind of trouble during the tour.