Yonabaru Town Wi-Fi Guidance

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About using Yonabaru Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi
Yonabaru Free Wi-Fi Location Sticker


This sticker is the sign for YONABARU Free Wi-Fi

Yonabaru Town offers Free Wi-Fi to improve convenience for tourists or visitors.
Anyone can connect to the internet, free of charge, at any facility or store with this sticker (see left).
Any mobile device, such as smart phones, tablets, or lap tops that are Wi-Fi compatable and have an internet browser may be used. Just follow the steps below.

Places you can use YONABARU Free Wi-Fi

How to use and requirements for use


Choose “YONABARU Free Wi-Fi” on the network screen of each device.


Start the browser.


Agree to the terms of use.


Enter your e-mail address and click connect.


You can now use Yonabaru’s free Wi-Fi

・You can use the Wi-Fi free of charge.
・You can use the Wi-Fi in 30 min. intervals. (Available 6 times per day).
・User registration is good for 1 year.

JCW (Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi) Application

“YONABARU Free Wi-Fi” connects through “Japan Connected-Free Wi-Fi” which is the official application offered by NTT Broadband Platform, Inc.. You can also access free Wi-Fi in other areas where the “Japan Connected-Free Wi-Fi” is available once you have registered with the application.
Please refer to the NTT Broadband Platform, Inc. website for details.



・This service uses the internet connect function offered by NTT MEDIASUPPLY CO., LTD. which is the telecommunications carrier Yonabaru Town outsources.
・This service doesn’t have any wireless encryption (like WEP) to restrict access. Because there is no restricted access, please keep in mind any personal information ( ID, passwords, credit card information) may be at risk. We strongly recommend you consider this, BEFORE logging in and connecting to the Yonabaru Free Wi-Fi.
・Yonabaru Town and NTT MEDIASUPPLY CO. LTD., take no responsibility for any damage or theft that may occur while you are using this service
・Due to maintenance, this service may be periodically unavailable for use.