Privacy Policy

YONABARU NAVI ‘s privacy policy (basic policy of protection of personal information). YONABARU NAVI is dedicated to protecting your personal information so that you can feel safe using this site.

Personal information policy

It is our policy to use your personal information to improve this site based on your feedback, requests, and responses to questions about this site.

Collecting personal information

There is absolutely no obligation to share your personal information when registering for this site.

About using and offering personal information

We don’t give out or disclose any information collected through this site to any third party or group without your permission, unless required by law. In the event it is required by law only pertinant information will be disclosed.

Personal information and privacy protection

All information collected is strictly guarded against fraud, theft and loss.


We collect information on the various cookies that may be in use on your device, however, no personal information is gathered during this process.

Access logs

We collect information about the hardware and software in use on your device. This information includes IP address, domain name, browser, access time, and URL of the website. This information is used to research and analyze usage trends of this site as general stastical information. No personal information is collected from this process.

Notification of changes to the privacy policy

Changes to the privacy policy may occur without prior notice due to changes in laws or management policies. Please check for new or updated information on this page between uses.