Izakaya Okuryu

Commitment to price and number of articles-satisfaction, the aim of the tavern that is loved by people of all ages, offers a large number of menu with an at-home atmosphere!

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Year-end party, New Year, Women's Association, welcome party, it is suitable for a variety of banquet scene farewell party!

Sashimi platter 780 yen, Ann liver 380 yen, 530 yen Kakifurai, broiled Atka mackerel 480 yen, tempura 350 yen kiss ⋯
Besides skewers and stir-fried dishes, and is popular extensive menu, such as deep-fried food.

Men 1500 yen! Women 1000 yen! Of all-you-can-drink plan (2 hours), and the like, we are preparing the deals plan! For more details, contact us.





Name Izakaya Okuryu
Website -
Address 577, Yonabaru, Yonabaru-cho Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa, 901-1303, Japan
Parking Lot Available (10 units)
Internet environment -
Supported language -
Credit card -
Fee / Average budget 2000 ~ 2500yen
Reservation Priority
Business hours 18: 00 - 02: 00 Last order: Food 01: 00 Drink 01: 30
Regular holiday Thursday
Phone 098-944-4111
Email -