Matsudo Bakery

What also as customers came, as found bread of your preferences is always, it offers a wide range of bread.

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As pull out the goodness of the material has been kept simple and basic bread making.
There are also many bread that is made using a domestically produced wheat and prefectural wheat. And as much as possible, we use incorporate the material of the prefecture production.
Also has numerous lineup bread that does not use eggs and dairy products as able to eat in peace even in small children.
Also pudding that is made using eggs, milk, vanilla and sugar is also popular.
280 yen bread, 220 yen baguette, croissant 140 yen, Curry bread 150 yen, milk cream 150 yen, focaccia 180 yen, BLT sand 280 yen, 130 yen pudding, etc.





Name Matsudo Bakery
Address 92-4-103, Agarihama, Yonabaru-cho Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa, 901-1304, Japan
Parking Lot Available (3 units)
Internet environment -
Supported language -
Credit card -
Fee / Average budget 700yen
Reservation Unnecessary
Business hours 9:00~19:00
Regular holiday Monday, 1st and 3rd Tuesday
Phone 098-944-1873
Email -