Bakery House Biju

From the opening, 16 years, we continue to make products that you can satisfy with price and volume every day regardless of your age!

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Because items manufactured items change, the menu will change depending on the day of the week!
In addition to the items popular among local people, Ikasumi bread and whole grain bread are popular on the days of the week of Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Limited for fire · tree's days, germ bread, rye bread etc. are recommended.
We manufacture all the items on Saturdays. Please taste the taste that continues to be loved by locals!




Name Bakery House Biju
Website -
Address #102 Tamakiapa-to, 3691-36, Yonabaru, Yonabaru-cho Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa, 901-1303, Japan
Parking Lot Available (1 units)
Internet environment -
Supported language -
Credit card -
Fee / Average budget -
Reservation Unnecessary
Business hours 07:00-19:00
Regular holiday Sunday · public holiday
Phone 098-944-5560
Email -