Limited company Glasses Hiramasu

It is an eyeglass shop in Yonabaru and Itoman which was founded in Showa 57.
I make eyeglasses with careful attention to the way of appearance, processing of eyeglasses, and adjustment of comfort.
We sincerely sincerity serve with serious smile.

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We are committed to quality frames and lenses and offer glasses that you can use with confidence.
Lens: Domestic manufacturer with long history HOYA, Tokai Optics
Frame: affordable ~ high quality domestic production and wide preparation

Visual acuity measurement, binocular vision test, efficacy confirmation, right and left balance check, deep vision measurement
Frame selection advice

Aftercare is also putting effort!

Glasses are tools for "seeing" everyday.
It deforms while using it.
Each person's face structure is different, so we adjust it while checking the customer's comfort.
· Condition of hooking of nose and ears / Looseness of screw / Nose pad · Exchange of tip cell (ear part) / ultrasonic cleaning

I will tell you how to treat correctly and carefully so that you can use it for a long time in good condition.




Name Limited company Glasses Hiramasu
Address 77, Yonabaru, Yonabaru-cho Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa, 901-1303, Japan
Parking Lot Available (6 units)
Internet environment -
Supported language -
Credit card AMEX Master VISA
Fee / Average budget -
Reservation Unnecessary
Business hours 10:00~20:00
Regular holiday Nothing Obon / New Year (1/1 ~ 1/2)
Phone 098-945-4288
Email -